Complete training from trail to show.

*$370 for the first month
*$320 for the second month
*$270 for third month and beyond
Lessons are included with training

*Board extra

Offsite trailer loading training - Seminars available
Call for rates - Discounts for clubs

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Jean Graham Trainer

Jean Graham has been riding and training horses for over 45 years. When other children were riding bikes and climbing trees, Jean would spend all her free time helping at stables and riding facilities in order to spend time with her beloved equines. In the beginning, though she did not receive formal training, she asked constant questions, read countless books and observed everything possible. As she puts it, I learned from experience starting with how to do everything wrong. As a young adult, she received her gallop license to break, train and exercise Thoroughbreds at the race track which she did for almost 2 years. Her biggest break came when she was hired at McCoy Arabians in Chino Hills, owned and operated by renowned horsemen Frank and Helen McCoy. For fifteen years her duties included riding, breeding, foaling, halter-breaking, saddle-breaking and showing. During this time, she was able to acquire her present ranch, Graham Acres, in Norco, California, where she began breeding, training, boarding and teaching.

Over the years, her training philosophy has evolved to what she terms "Resistance Free." This entails preventing problems rather than muscling through existing ones, and using the horse's natural desire to find rest and acceptance in each level of its learning. She also specializes in problem solving. As she puts it, A lot of people get a horse, put in their backyard, then it puts them in the hospital and they bring it to me! Many of her current clients wish to show, but most just want to have a safe horse to ride on the trail. As one client put it, Jean thinks like a horse. She has taught and shown carriage driving (singles, pairs and tandem), as well as pleasure, equitation and trail classes and also teaches both adults and children from the hooves up. More recently, she has joined the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department as a Civilian Volunteer where she rides with the Mounted Posse. Along with training and qualifying a number of horses for police work, she has given seminars for the Sheriff's Department Mounted Enforcement Detail and a wide range of other law enforcement agencies.